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Tax Services

Tax Services

1. VAT Registration

Register for a VAT TRN in 6 easy steps
Our digital registration service process allows you to register for VAT TRN wherever it is needed.

Provide all details of the applicant’s business information.

Furnish applicants contact details.
Provide Bank details.
Declare communication preference and authorized signatories.
Furnish applicants contact details.
Declare communication preference and authorized signatories.

2. VAT Returns & Filings

Knowing when the next tax returns and VAT filings are due is crucial. That’s why you have everything in one place when using hellotax and that’s why we provide a real-time overview.
Automate filings with our software and get informed when a deadline is soon to come or when a payment is due.
We check all information for accuracy and completeness in two ways. 1. Our AI engines in the software checks data in the first place and 2. our tax accountants are the final quality control.
You will always receive notifications whenever there are any payments to make, things to consider or deadlines to meet.

2. VAT Returns & Filings

Data floats into our free VAT software and gets validated immediately. We check it and add the missing data to the reports.
You can see when you’ll reach a threshold limit and when an additional VAT registration and/or more stock will be necessary.
Follow your goods movements and oversee all data. We also provide proforma invoices for even more control
The hellotax VAT software has various features to bring your data analysis and calculations to a new level, so you can further optimize your business while always having the whole overview.
Save all files, declarations, reports, etc. directly in the software. In addition to the export function, you can easily comply with the duty to preserve records – all clearly organized in one place.

4. VAT Advisory

We assist companies by managing the queries raised during and post VAT implementation and would undertake the following:
  1. Providing advice on ongoing matters with respect to the Company’s VAT obligations, including tax position to be adopted, tax risks, documentation, records to be maintained, etc.
  2. Ascertaining the impact on the tax updates / developments, on the tax position taken by the Companies.
  3. Assisting Companies in filing Reconsideration to challenge to decision issued by the Authorities

5. VAT Audit Support

  1. Providing pre-audit, during audit and post audit support to Companies in form transaction advisory, documentation support, etc.
  2. Highlighting risks, areas of exposure / non-compliance during pre-audit and audit phase
  3. Advising on way-forward post completion of Audit by the authorities.

6. VAT Refund Assistance

Refund of VAT is a scenario where input tax amount is higher than output tax amount as per the tax return filed with the tax authority. Typically refund claim is scrutinised by the tax authority before sanctioning the refund claim. We assist in undertaking the following:
  1. Advising whether refund application should be filed or excess input tax should be carried forward to subsequent tax return
  2. Preparation of refund application and assistance in submission (including review of refund related documents)
  3. Assisting in replying to queries raised by the Authorities prior to sanctioning the claim.

7. VAT Deputation/ VAT Function Outsourcing

Taxation is a branch of knowledge which requires specific educational background along with domain specific experience. Accordingly, basis the scale of operations a tax team or tax expert is required to manage governance and compliance. We can assist companies by providing tax specialists (i.e. outsourcing, co-sourcing, deputation, etc.) so that the company has to only focus on business while tax compliances are handled by experts.

Excise Tax Services

We provide support in evaluating implications of Excise Tax on the business operations including ascertaining whether product is subject to Excise Tax, impact on valuation for levy of tax, ascertaining rate of tax, etc.
  1. Eligibility and support services for excise tax registration
  2. Excise tax planning and preparations
  3. Undertake periodic compliances
  4. Assist in filing of excise tax declarations and filing clarifications
  5. Excise consultation services
  6. Training the staff to implement excise procedures

Broadway The Apt Tax Consultants In Dubai!

We provide support in evaluating implications of Excise Tax on the business operations including ascertaining whether product is subject to Excise Tax, impact on valuation for levy of tax, ascertaining rate of tax, etc.
  1. Keep the apt focus on bookkeeping and accounting services
  2. VAT return filing
  3. Makes sure of VAT conformity with UAE federal rules /li>
  4. Review of purchase invoices
  5. Internal VAT audit
  6. Review of sales invoices in conformity with the FTA rules and regulations

VAT Services In Dubai By Broadway

There is no denying that there are numerous VAT & excise consultants in Dubai, but you must trust Broadway- when it comes to VAT return filing or VAT consultancy services in UAE. Broadway will provide you with numerous services depending on your business. Being one of the finest VAT & excise consultants in Dubai– Broadway offers the following services

  1. Client management
  2. VAT return filing
  3. VAT conformity issues and control measures
  4. Accounting and bookkeeping services
  5. Minimizes VAT liabilities
  6. Aptly organizes data
  7. Timely file VAT and payments
  8. Recognizes prospective tax planning opportunities
Numerous businesses are not familiar with the rules and regulations of VAT calculation and the process of payment. Seeking guidance from the VAT service provider in UAE will help tackle the complicated formulas, complex figures, and calculations. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with Broadway, now!