Internal Audit

Internal Audit(Outsourcing)

The primary purpose of an internal audit is to appraise the design of, effectiveness of, and adherence to internal control policies and procedures and to assess the firm’s quality of performance.

The internal auditor ensures that any risk to the business is addressed and verifies that the firm’s goals and objectives are met efficiently and effectively.

Internal audit services – outsourcing and co-sourcing to develop and execute risk based audit plans that focus on the greatest issues organizations face in the achievement of their strategic objectives.

Our internal audit services include:

  1. Internal Audit full outsourcing.
  2. Co-sourcing with the existing internal audit function.
  3. Operational audits.
  4. Quality assurance reviews.
  5. Compliance audits.
  6. Internal audit transformation.
  7. Information Technology auditing.
  8. Process mapping and process reviews.
  9. Internal controls documentation and testing.