Dubai Mainland Company Formation

Dubai Mainland Company Formation

Dubai Mainland Company Formation – Mainland companies are known to be the most developed business entities in Dubai, UAE. To open the mainland company, your business must meet the legal structure set by the government and needs to meet the Government policies. They must be located within the limitation of commercialized geographical areas that have been covered under the jurisdiction of the Emirati Government.

Generally, four major licenses are issued for businesses operating in the UAE mainland. The licenses are issued based on the business endeavor and they are:

1)Professional License – License issued for firms that undertake service-oriented endeavors. Professional License are required for professionals who take part in any professional activity like consulting. Compared to other licenses the cost involved in the issuance of professional license is less.

2)Commercial License – License issued for those business establishments that undertake buying and selling of goods or services or simply trading. Most traders opt for the general trading license in order to conduct more than one trading endeavor with a single license

3)Industrial License – License issued for firms that involve in the manufacture of goods like factories, industries etc. When it comes to Industrial License, you may need to seek the approval of External Ministries and government departments depending upon the type of industrial activity.

4)Tourism License – All tourism related activities require a valid Tourism License. The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing DTCM has a major role in the issuance of Tourism license. A valid Tourism license is mandatory to conduct inbound and outbound tour related activities.