Asset Management

Asset Management

Operational Services and Valuations

Broadway has been commissioned to provide consulting services for existing hotel, resorts and real estate projects. These services are typically commissioned in order to assist our clients with asset enhancement, increased cash flow and improved value.


These services include:

  1. Advice on asset acquisition and disposition
  2. Operator performance and compliance reviews
  3. Operational reviews
  4. Business valuations
  5. Hotel and resort budget reviews
  6. Asset enhancement and capital expenditure evaluation

Asset Manager Role

The goals pursued by the owner and the operator are by nature divergent; owners focus on the bottom line and ROI while operators focus on top line revenue growth, brand value and guest satisfaction. With the continuation of new hotels coming online in the region and growing competitiveness there is increasing demand for pro-active asset management.

By taking on the role of (e.g. Hotel) Asset Manager, Broadway help owners in making justifiable recommendations to the operator driven by a business case and backed up by a team with decades of experience in hotel operations. The main objective for the hotel asset manager is to ensure the full potential of hotel investments through a continuous process of value creation and enhancement.